TOP 20 Shopify and E-commerce experts


TOP 20 Shopify and ecommerce experts

Whether you are just starting out as a Shopify entrepreneur or have been playing the courts for some time, we are sure you agree that good advice is always welcome. To make your journey into ecommerce easier, Shopify has created the Shopify Experts program to match seasoned professionals in design, functionality development, store setup and marketing/SEO with those in need of help. Below, we have handpicked 20 Experts to help you customize your Shopify store and hopefully give your business a boost.

1. Carson

Carson is a team of reliable Shopify Experts to help you take care of your Shopify related small tasks. The process is very simple – you create a task on the website, get matched with a suitable developer, magic happends and voila – you get to review and accept the fulfilled task. Carson offers both monthly subscription plans as well as single task pricing.

2. Shopafree

Standing out from the crowd, Shopafree is the world’s only free Shopify setup service. You heard us right – free.They provide you with everything from setup & design, app installation, content to photography and even support. What´s the catch? You pay Shopify for your account. Then Shopify pays Shopafree a commission. You get your site setup free. Simple!

3. CRO Gurus

Larsen Consulting is all about conversion rate optimization. CRO firmly believes that the best frameworks for CRO are based on learning, research and data. And that the result of any optimization exercise has to be measurable and translate directly into improved KPIs. Volume discounts are available for larger orders!


EXENLABS is an enthusiastic team with extensive knowledge of Shopify. Their core competences range from simple theme tweaks to store setup to full-blown mobile app development. Their services are packaged in easy-to-navigate service packages. Also – be sure to check out their custom apps and the video tutorials section on their website!

5. Shopify & You

From a slightly different angle, Shopify & You is an ebook that will take you from your initial moment of inspiration to that exciting and all-important first sale. An easy-to-use, step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know about designing, setting up and running a truly awesome online store with Shopify.

6. Ents

Ents – working out of London, Brno and Klenovec, Ents is a group of full-time Shopify Experts with a client base ranging from clients in China to the UK and the US. Their services include store setup, theme design & development and ongoing support for your ecommerce venture. They are also experts in localization. Get a 1-hour free consultation to test their skills. An hourly consultation fee is also available.

7. Emma Englishby

Emma Englishby asks you to run your business and leave the website to her. Emma is a web designer and Shopify Expert that can help you design and web development of you venture. She also offers website strategy consultations and is available to help you with any quickfixes or updates.

8. Adaptable

Working out of the UK, Adaptable combines innovation with digital craftsmanship to help brands fulfill their potential. The studio can help you in every stage of your ecommerce venture setup and operation – from advanced inventory management to conversion rate optimization. They also offer digital design, prototyping and service development.

9. Blackbelt Commerce

Blackbelt Commerce is a passionate team of Shopify Experts that have helped over 400 Shopify businesses set up and grow, including the LA Lakers. In addition to some custom Shopify apps, developed in-house, BC offers a range of services to Shopify store owners ranging from theme customization to wholesale solutions to multilingual stores.

10. BTown Web

BTown Web is a development agency that provides programming and marketing services to ecommerce companies. This includes services ranging from digital strategy consulting to marketplace and web development.

11. Flux Development

Flux Development delivers custom solutions built on Shopify Plus. If you’re looking to build a new ecommerce website, reinvigorate an existing digital channel, or build a Shopify app, Flux will help you make it happen with a focus on measurable results.

12. Pivofy

Pivofy is a digital agency focused on implementing holistic ecommerce strategies, create exceptional user experiences, shape the most emerging technologies and integrate mobile and omnichannel sales approach for your business to scale quickly and firmly.

13. Leumas Digital

Leumas Digital is a small team of specialist developers that offers complex Shopify development, setup and migration services, Shopify app development and third-party integration services with your Shopify platform.

14. Blend Commerce

Blend Commerce are all about launching, growing and automating their clients Shopify stores. As a starting point, Blend Commerces´ store roadmapping service will help you obtain a clear plan of how your store should be designed and built, based on your objectives and your product or service. At the conclusion of this process, you can either opt to have their Shopify store created by them or take a fully-prepared plan to another developer.

15. Handwoven Industries

Handwoven Industries has been designing websites since 1997. Find out how you can leverage that experience to improve your existing website or build a new ecommerce site from scratch that will leave your visitors happy and engaged. As active members of the Shopify Experts bunch, they are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the platform – as well as many others you may be migrating from – and can help turn your vision into reality quickly and securely.

16. Sunbowl

Sunbowl is set out to turn browser into buyers, because isn´t this what every ecommerce aficionado dreams of? Whether you have an existing site that could use some upgrades, or you need one built from the ground up- Sunbowl specializes in making your online store the best it can be. They also provide one-on-one training + video instruction to guide you through the maintenance of your new

17. SeedCMS

Team Seed are longtime Shopify Experts, that have 4+ years of experience on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform and are experienced on every aspect of the platform. Their wide selection of services include custom shopify themes and theme modification, custom-built apps, rebranding, email marketing integrations, copywriting etc.

18. Blue Stout

Blue Stout turns your ecommerce store into a beautiful, high converting, profit generating machine. Whether you need a totally new site, a site makeover or auditing, this is the place to go. Blue Stout also offers their EcomGrowth Program, which is a training and coaching program that takes their strategies and tactics for quickly improving conversion rates, sales and profits and applies them to your business in a customized program with one-on-one coaching from their expert team. Definitely worth checking out!

19. Onlygrowth

Onlygrowth helps you convert shoppers into buyers. Onlygrowth University is a blog that provides premium content for high-volume ecommerce merchants.Their team of Certified Shopify Plus Experts have two high impact growth packages that can improve user experience and help maximize conversions. Each growth package comes with a personalized site audit, development and growth

20. Ultrafade

Whether you are new to Shopify or frustrated with your non-Shopify site, Ultrafade has got your back. They also offer services and guidance to help you increase your traffic and conversions. Their website allows you to schedule a free strategy call to test their knowledge and perhaps find a good fit with your new Shopify partner.


That´s it. This has been our take on TOP 20 Shopify and ecommerce experts worth checking out. As in life generally – you snooze, you lose, so get that traffic in high gear and conversion rates skyrocketing!

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