Automatic Invoices for Your Shop


Have you ever wished you could make Printout Designer send some documents via e-mail to your client or bookkeeper automatically? Well now you can! The new version of Printout Designer lets you create e-mail automation rules that say upon which events e-mails should be sent. Let’s go through an example and see how to set up these rules.

When to Use Automation Rules?

Let’s say you want to send an e-mail with an invoice PDF to a customer whenever a new order is placed in your webshop. First of all, you’ll have to set up a document template that creates the PDF document. There is an invoice template in each account by default, so let’s just use that.

Next, you’ll need to create an e-mail template. This template will tell Printout Designer who should receive the e-mail, what should its contents be and what documents should be attached to the e-mail. To create the e-mail template, navigate to your e-mail Tempaltes view and click on the “+” icon.

Create New E-mail Template

Now let’s fill in the e-mail template creation form. Once you’ve filled all the fields make sure you click on “Save” so that the template actually gets created. Now that we have created the e-mail template, let’s navigate to the Automation Rules view and setup our first rule.

Setup Your First Automation Rule

To create a new rule, you’ll have to click on the “+” icon again. Now let’s fill in the automation rule creation form. After clicking on save, the rule will be created. Congratulations, you are done! Now each time an order is placed, the client will receive an e-mail with a PDF that is created with the “Invoice” template. In case you want to check which e-mails have been sent, you can navigate to the e-mail History view.

Printout Designer enables you to create invoices, packing slips, labels and other printouts with a truly customized look, independent of the e-commerce platform you use. You can customize every aspect of your business document creation process without wasting countless hours. Read more about Printout Designer from

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