How to harness the power of social in your ecommerce business



Does your ecommerce business Facebook page have a gazillion followers, but your are still struggling to make ends meet? How many of those followers are actually your customers and earn you money? Here are some awesome apps and add-ons for your store that will help you get the most out of each and every visitor that lands on your page.

Good help, these days, is easy to find!

Are you in desperate need of a marketing assistant, but the cash hasn’t really started pouring in yet and nobody wants to work for you for peanuts? Kit has a solution for you.
Kit takes care of a variety of different background marketing tasks to automate your marketing and let you focus on more important things. Kit will run Facebook ads to drive traffic to your store, post on Instagram on your behalf and update your fans on Facebook whenever you are introducing new products or your stock on plastic Santa Claus figures is still running high mid-January. It will even send your customers automized Thank You notes after they make a purchase. That is what we call assistance.

Number-crunching to the rescue!

How good are you at composing algorithms? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Luckily, the guys at RetargetApp have crafted an awesome tool for you to take advantage of Facebook Dynamic Retargeting which will increase your reach on Facebook considerably. What it allows you to do is display the products most most relevant to the person viewing the ad at any time. Not only that, but it uses complicated post-apocalyptic neuroscience to constantly optimize bidding for relevant ads, so you will always benefit from reduced average cost whenever running your campaigns.

Don’t let your clients lose sight of their shopping cart!

According to some pretty impressive collection of data, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned(according to Baymard). So unless you have some magic wand that you can use to force your potential clients to finish their shopping, you have lost ⅔ of your business. This is where Shoelace steps in. Shoelace will recapture your visitors with customizable, hyper-targeted Facebook ads. The way it works is that  whenever your potential clients abandon their cart to wander off in an unknown direction, Shoelace will display them targeted ads for your business, reminding them to return to your store for finalizing their shopping. It is almost like a horizontal bungee cord, pulling them back whenever they wander off in an unknown direction. Well, not really, but you get the point without the failed analogy. A stretchy shoelace perhaps?!?

Artificial Intelligence at your service

For most, artificial intelligence is like something out of a Spielberg movie. But lately, artificial intelligence has been tamed and put in the service of ecommerce. Linkcious is a powerful product recommendation engine that uses AI to automatically recommend related products on product pages in your store. The way it does this is by reading contextual information, clickthrough data and social interactions to maximize conversion rates.

Get a head start on Facebook!

Always wanted to extend your ecommerce business to Facebook, but never really figured out a way to do it without spending a fortune? Beetailer will automatically set up your stores extension on Facebook. All you have to do is connect your existing store to Beetailer and they will take care of the rest. The added perks of this hosted service are different marketing automation tools, detailed statistics, promotions, just to name a few. No custom development is required and it works out-of-the-box.


You might ask yourself – why should you try these tools? The answer is simple – social is the new black for ecommerce, so for many online retailers, it is the choice between going social or going bust.

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