How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with Packing Slip


There comes a time when the most simple solution, can help you turn your business around. Such as packing slips, as this small piece of paper is a marketing gold mine, as who better to ask for more sales than your current customers? Instead of trying to add more, you need to consider keeping the ones you already have. As losing customers in e-commerce business is inevitable, which is why you need to focus on small things that matter. A simple and well-structured thank you note can inspire the buyer to keep shopping with you. To help you understand how you can win buyers and influence sales with packing slips we have listed down a few benefits of including packing slips.

Foster Connection

We live in a technology-oriented world, where we feel like we are connected to everyone. However, in reality, our connections are vague and do not exist on a practical level. Which is why it is important to take out time and foster a real connection. This is highly important for e-commerce businesses as they need to build a relationship with their clients, so they keep coming back for more. One of the simplest ways of foster connection is by adding a small yet impressive packing slip. This will allow you to get personal with your buyers, and help them feel more connected.

Stand Out 

As a business owner, you are constantly fighting to get an edge over your competitors, in order to get ahead. However, during that struggle, we sometimes forget how small gestures can get you a long way. Simply by adding a personalized packing slip, you will be able to set your self apart from others. As it will allow you to make a statement and show that you offer a personalized touch.

Show Gratitude

Gratitude can go a long way, and by expressing gratitude you will be able to win your buyer’s influence. As they will feel appreciated, which will encourage them to keep coming back for more. This is more important than constantly looking for new customers. As it helps you create loyal customers, who you can rely on for sales.

Personal Touch

Receiving a packing slip is not the same as receiving a thank you email. As an average shopper gets more than 20 emails per day, most of which the receiver does not even bother with. Which means adding a physical piece of paper to the mix, will highlight your gratitude, and will help influence the customer. In today’s fast-tracked world we are taken back with such small gestures, which is why it is important to add a human touch.

Marketing Tool

What most e-commerce businesses fail to understand is that packing slips are a great tool for marketing. Keep in mind that you forget about a promotional email as soon as you delete it. However, a piece of paper allows you the opportunity to extend your customers experience. One they are likely to remember more than an email. Making these packing slips a must add to your shipping boxes. As they allow you to market your business, and win over buyers at the same time.


At the end of the day, customer loyalty is all that you need, as it will help you overcome some of the many hurdles that you have to jump through as an e-commerce business owner. As long as you have customers that are coming back for more, you will be able to get through the day. It will help inspire you to keep on going and will help add to your loyal customers.

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