Communication is key in ecommerce!


As your ecommerce venture grows and your customer base expands, it might become increasingly difficult to keep that personal touch you once had when you were just starting out. This time around, we have hand-picked some useful communication tools that help you reach out to your customers, keep them engaged and what’s most important – coming back to your store for more.

Timing is crucial

Wouldn’t it be good to be there for your customers the moment they need your help – in live chat? Chatra is a piece of live chat software that can be used for a multitude of purposes – from answering questions and solving problems to increase conversion by minimizing abandoned carts. The best part of this communication hub is that it works both as a live chat tool, but also as an offline email communication tool. When your agents are unable to attend to your clients’ problems right away, your clients can leave their email addresses for getting back to them, helping you to build email lists for any future communication. As you would expect from any modern communication tool, Chatra comes bundled with conversation history, avatars, notifications, read receipts, group chats and a built-in typing indicator. Available in 6 languages, Chatra can be used on the web, on a desktop or on mobile.

Always follow up on your customers

Soundest is another must-have tool for anyone aiming to keep their customer engagement and feeling important. Soundest is ecommerce email marketing tool that is powerful enough to cover all your email automation needs. Soundest is capable of increasing your conversion by up to 200% by tackling the problem of abandoned carts with personalized messages. It is also able to send automated welcome messages or reactivate your customers in case they are starting to fall out. Soundest also comes in handy when creating customer newsletters – with its built-in segmentation features you are able to target potential customers that have not opened your first newsletter email and still catch them within a reasonable timeframe to not forget about you. You can even use it to pick products for your newsletter and use the drag-and-drop editor to make it look awesome. And who doesn´t like scratchcards? Guess what – you can use Soundest to create those too!

If you are running a Magento store, AheadWorks has created a suite of products for you to use with your ecommerce venture. Conveniently modular, Ahead Works allows you to hand-pick functionality from a long list of separately packaged solutions ranging from follow-up emails and automatic related products to product questions, layered navigation and social logins. You can truly call this suite of products an ecommerce powerhouse designed for Magento.

Build your audience

One cost-efficient way to expand your horizons in ecommerce is to constantly build you email lists to catch even bigger and bigger audiences. Privy has created a solution to start collecting emails from a large variety of different sources – from website popups, bars and banners to exit intent, landing page and intelligent offer creations. But what is really cool about this software is its ability to expand outside of ecommerce. Privy is able to use location-based tracking to measure when your email signups buy from your physical store.

You can´t really talk about email automation in ecommerce without talking about Mailchimp. With over 10 million people using Mailchimp to send 600 million emails every day (yeah, you read that number right), Mailchimp has become one of the most used email platforms on the planet. It lets you create targeted campaigns, automate product follow-ups and send back-in-stock emails. And these are just a fraction of the features Mailchimp boasts.

These have been our 5 picks for helping you cope with customer communication. As always – we hope you enjoy our picks and have time to test-drive them to determine your personal favourites. If there are tools you use and think they could be useful to other ecommerce entrepreneurs, drop us a line and we will cover them in our future posts.

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