Why make a bet on Mondays in ecommerce?


Hello Monday

Monday is the best day of the week for boosting your sales

According to research, Mondays are historically the best days of the week for boosting your ecommerce business. Why is that?

The explanation is rather simple – on the weekend, people will generally keep away from their computers. So by the time they are back on Monday morning, their thirst for shopping is that much greater. According to a report put together by Windsor Circle, Monday sales account for 17.8% of one-time revenue and 19,6% of repeat revenue. Windsor Circle claims that a large part of these shoppers have been out window-shopping over the weekend and are now looking for the best prices for these items online. You can read the article here.

Special days go by colors

Ecommerceconsulting.com points out that these special days in the ecommerce calendar tend to mostly go by colors. I guess it was all started by Black Friday, which is arguably the best day of the year right after the Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Following the color-coding, we now also have Brown Monday, the second Monday in December – the start of the “free-shipping” offers. Or as some call it Green Monday, as the best day to get your online shopping done so your gifts would arrive  in time for the holidays. Stepping out of the color coding, we have also all heard of Cyber Monday, which is the first Monday after the Christmas holidays. It seems that Mondays are stealing the attention from all other weekdays and it would be wise to take advantage of this trend.

What is your ecommerce business doing to rake in the cash of these Monday shoppers? Leave a comment below!

P.S For more insight into the psychology of online shopping, check out this article on towermarketing.net.

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