Good News, everyone!

Batch export all your invoices to PDF

Good news, everyone! It is now possible to batch download all your invoices (or any other documents) as separate PDF files. Until now you were able to download a single PDF file that contains documents for all selected orders or products. With the new functionality, you can download a single ZIP archive file that contains… Read more »

TOP 20 Shopify and ecommerce experts

TOP 20 Shopify and E-commerce experts

Whether you are just starting out as a Shopify entrepreneur or have been playing the courts for some time, we are sure you agree that good advice is always welcome. To make your journey into ecommerce easier, Shopify has created the Shopify Experts program to match seasoned professionals in design, functionality development, store setup and… Read more »

Increase Your Brand Visibility

Increase your brand visibility through customized printouts

Marketing can be expensive. Every online shop owner knows that. So we have to find clever ways to get our brand identity out there without spending a fortune. One way to increase your brand visibility is through customized printouts. Branding Your Printouts Whenever an order is fulfilled, usually at least 3 different documents are created… Read more »

Google Cloud Print

Automatically Print Invoices & Packing Slips via Google Cloud Print

Automatically Print Orders from Any Printer Have you ever wished you could have your printer print a packing slip whenever a new order comes in? The latest update to Printout Designer now makes this possible. We have integrated our app with Google Cloud Print which means you can now create automation rules for the printing… Read more »

Automatic Invoices for Your Shop

Have you ever wished you could make Printout Designer send some documents via e-mail to your client or bookkeeper automatically? Well now you can! The new version of Printout Designer lets you create e-mail automation rules that say upon which events e-mails should be sent. Let’s go through an example and see how to set… Read more »

New Advanced Template Options

Remember these options in our previous version of Printout Designer? These options allowed you to control the organization of the orders’ data fields so you could choose whether the created documents will have a separate page for each order (i.e. invoices) one page with all selected orders (i.e. combined packing slips, reports combining multiple orders)… Read more »

5 ways to write product descriptions that sell

A picture tells a thousand words they say. But in addition to great product photos, a well written and thorough product description is equally important to help you convert more window-shoppers into die-hard shopaholics. So what is the key to writing good product descriptions? Here are Printout Designers 5 ways to write products descriptions that… Read more »

Resurrect your burial ground of abandoned carts

According to Shopify, online retailers lose up to ⅔ of their potential revenue to abandoned carts. That is 2 out of every 3 transactions. That is a whopping number and has to be addressed. Although the reasons for leaving your cart in the virtual shopping aisle vary, one comes out on top – 56% of… Read more »

How U Nature grew from selling to friends to a successful online tea boutique

Lex, the founder of an exclusively online quality tea and healthy snack shop U Nature from the exotic Taiwan is answering questions this month about his store. Starting small and through informed decisions and flexible customer interaction working his way up Lex has has built a clean but beautiful online shopfront, which one would easily… Read more »

How Adhesive Bras turned a “just for fun” facebook store into an international business

This month we give you an interview with Dennis from Adhesive Bras where he offers insight into running an ecommerce business and his struggles and victories with online marketing. Adhesive Bras, better known in Denmark, where the company is set up, as SelvsiddendeBHer, was launched as a fun facebook project, which in 2 years, with… Read more »

  • Introducing our beefed-up new document editor

    We have been at it for some time now developing a new, beefed-up version of our already awesome document editor. Based on a lot of feedback from our users, we have mapped its shortcomings and developed a cure for them. The new version also brings a bunch of new features, which make printout template creation even… Read more »

  • Printout Designer really becoming an essential tool for online retailers

    With Printout Designer gaining more and more traction on Shopify, Bigcommerce and Tictail with new users signing up each day, we decided to go through some of the feedback and use cases to show how our customers are using Printout Designer. Our users say that they have a clear need for better design possibilities, because… Read more »

  • Printout Designer updates in July

    Greetings everyone! Yet another month has passed and we are glad to announce a couple of new feature we have added to Printout Designer. As you have noticed we have tried to improve Printout Designer every month and release new features that help store owners to save time and run their business more efficiently. Save… Read more »

  • Printout Designer launched in Bigcommerce app store

    We have launched Printout Designer in Bigcommerce app store, you can install it here (must login with your Bigcommerce account). It is a “single click” app that works directly in the Bigcommerce environment, so you don’t have to create an additional account or remember yet another password. Just install it from the app store and… Read more »