Augmented reality hits ecommerce

Virtual reality. New technologies and on line shopping.

Virtual reality. New technologies and on line shopping.

Virtual and augmented reality have become somewhat of buzzwords in the digital realm over the past months. Outside ecommerce, we have seen massive acquisitions of virtual reality startups, perhaps Facebook buying Oculus Rift in 2014 being the trendsetter. Recent intelligence suggests that also Amazon is working on its grand entrance into VR, hinted by public job postings. It seems that augmented reality just might the “the next big thing” in ecommerce.

Ecommerce meets Minority Report

Let’s turn to the crystal ball for a moment – imagine being able to place the couch you are considering buying into your living room with a mouseclick. How about that lamp to go in the corner? Augmented reality makes that possible. Solutions developed by companies such as the the Israeli Cimagine allow you to use your smartphone to place 3D objects in your home or any other setting. This matched with the convenience of ordering online will give the consumers a shopping experience pretty close to matching shopping in a physical store.

Help is close by

There are companies out there that provide services to bridge the gap to a quickstart in augmented reality, Marxents’ VisualCommerce being one of such solutions. Others such as Viewar merely provide a custom-tailored solution just for you.

Retail giants frontrunners

Retail giants such as Ikea and Argos have been the forerunners in adopting the new digital trend and have pushed our augmented reality product catalogues for a few years now.

On the consumer end of the pipeline, apps such as Augment expand these possibilities to a variety of sectors – with clients in sectors ranging from the more obvious architecture to the less obvious medical and entertainment, Augment is the #1 augmented reality app on the market.

A wave of adoption expected

As more and more sectors are discovering the added benefits of using augmented reality solutions in their business, we are sure to see an upswing in activity in the sector as a whole. Who knows which application this technology might lead to. Time will tell.

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